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We are an event management company based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. We look after family events and also specialize in organizing fashion exhibitions, fashion exhibitions and public events like promotions and concerts. 

We have associate vendor support in the eastern, southern and northern belt of India. Starting for decorations to artist management we do it all. We have in-house handcraft, catering unit as well.

Meet the Team

Our team is the core organs of our company. without this team it is hard to run the company and do events successfully.

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Abrarah Hafiz

Founder & Creative Head

Abrarah is a certified event professional having experience of handling all type of events. Her passion for being creative and unique has formed the backbone of the company. She can carry out big projects even with a small team. Having superior coordination skills makes her perfect to do business in the industry. She shows her maximum interest in family events and fashion events because of the habit of being familiar with people easily and having a good site of creativeness.

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Pankaj Rana

Director of Production

Pankaj is an expert business marketer having significant knowledge of promoting every business through digital marketing and other marketing strategies. His habit of making things perfect makes him suitable for the position of Director of Production. His deep knowledge over electronics and unique concept creating power makes our every event a perfect blend of colour of concept with other elements.

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Tamoghna Dhar

Business Coordinator

Tamoghna having good skills of communicating and coordinating between peoples turns out to be a suitable person as a business coordinator of the company. You can see her working on every project with efficiency and will definitely like her coordination. She knows how to manage every movement of the project directed by her coordination skills.

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Anisha Bhaumik

Operations Manager

Anisha having the expertise in looking after every minute details maker her perfect for holding the position of Operations Manager of the company. We can completely rely on her to check the event décor and every other arrangement after completion.


Ritwik Bhushan

Data Analyst & Digital Marketing Manager

Ritwik being an IT Graduate is the perfect person to be a data analyst and look after our every digital move. Ritwik shows great effort to make our company visible in social media, search engines and other digital media.

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Anurag Paul

Marketing Executive

Anurag having deep knowledge of business marketing and client service fits in the position of marketing executive. His experience of marketing is a great support to the company.


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